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Sister Parish in Peru

The friars of Holy Name Province (HNP) are responsible for a parish, Parraquia Santa Ana, south of the city of Lima. They are also responsible for a large “pastoral zone” in the Lurin Valley.

Video from previous parish mission
Upcoming Meetings

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 2019. Check back for updates.

History of Sister Parish Ministry
Mission Information

Missioners depart for Peru on June 22nd and return on July 1, 2019. Information about the 2020 Mission should be available by early November 2019.



View pictures from our previous parish missions to Peru!

Happening Now

Mission Update:  All is on track for Mission 2019.  There will be a Blessing of the Missioners at the 9am Mass on Sunday, June 16th and our 10 Missioners, including Friar Henry, will fly to Lima on Saturday, June 22nd and return on Monday, July 1st. Please keep them in your prayers.

Vitamin Drive:  Our Missioners traveling to Peru will again be carrying children’s vitamins for the parish medical clinics at Santa Ana and in the Pastoral Zone.  The children of the “squatter towns” suffer greatly from the developmental effects of poor nutrition. Children’s vitamins are expensive and hard to obtain in Peru. Fr Tony requested that we bring “gummies” for the very young children. Our goal is to carry 500lbs / 72,000 gummies with us. Less than $9 provides about 320 gummy vitamins. Donations of any amount would be appreciated. Envelopes can be found on the bulletin board on your right as you leave church.  Thank You!

2019 Sister Parish Scholarship Project Complete:  Thanks to your generosity, all requests for student financial support at our Sister Parishes were met.  A check for $16,500 was forwarded to Fr Tony Wilson OFM, pastor of Santa Ana, in March.  $3,700 of that amount will be used to purchase desks and chairs for the new high school.

HNP Today Articles about the St Francis Sister Parish Ministry: See tab at left for link to March 29, 2017 HNP Today article titled Virginia Parishioners Prepare for 10th Journey to Peru and August 30, 2017 article titled Virginia Parishioners Visit Peru on Mission Trip

Purpose of Sister Parish Ministry

The parishioners of our Sister Parish are very resourceful people. However, they have been deprived of many of the basic resources of life that we all take for granted here in the United States. Our relationships help cultivate mutual understanding and allows them to pool their scant resources and to live in dignity. Our pledge with our Brothers and Sisters in Lima calls for us:

  • To pray for one another as Sister Parishes, especially at the Sunday Eucharist
  • To learn more about the life our Sister Parish community through education and visits
  • To cross frontiers and barriers of geography, politics, economics, race and ethnicity
  • To become more just within our families, schools, work, business and political life
  • To give generously to meet the basic needs of those within our country and beyond
  • To advocate for the protection of life, the defense of human dignity, the care of God’s creation and the promotion of peace


Get Involved

Our Sister Parishes offer opportunities for involvement within the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi. The following are ways you can make a difference:

  • Support our annual Special Collection to help our brothers and sisters in Lima
  • Fund a specific project
  • Sponsor a Catholic school student
  • Provide tuition assistance for job training
  • Serve in the Sister Parish ministry at St. Francis through planning, education, publicity, communications (fluent in Spanish), or logistics and finance

Sister Parish Mission Support

From October 2007 to November 2018, ninety-five (95) St Francis parishioners have made the journey to our Sister Parishes, some of them multiple times. During that same period, our parish has contributed over $383,000 to our Sister Parishes for a wide variety of projects ranging from construction of food kitchens, chapels, schools, clinics and microloans, to mention a few.

For more information on our Sister Parish in Peru, please contact Terry Danner:  

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