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Small Faith Groups

Small Faith Group Resource for Advent

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Journey through Advent Weekly Reflections

Lenten Small Faith Groups

Hundreds of parishioners participate in our annual Lenten Small Faith Groups. Hosts invite their friends and neighbors into their homes for approximately an hour each week for six weeks. Hosts received a complimentary booklet and guests purchase their own copy. The study begins the first week of Lent. Information about hosting is below. Check back for Host registration.

Small Faith Groups

What are these groups?  

We live our faith as disciples of Christ in our homes, in our work and in our daily lives.  Small faith groups provide the opportunity to learn and discuss our faith with our friends we encounter every day in the convenient setting of our home, a nearby coffee shop, or other local meeting space, Gathering as a large community at Mass is central to living our faith in communion with God and one another.  Small faith groups allow us the chance to get to know the people we worship beside, in the pews.  The people we connect with in these groups often become close friends and provide support on a level other friends might not understand. There are groups who have met for years and continue to find new things to discuss and new ways to support one another in living life as a true disciple.

How do I form a small faith group?

It’s easy!!  Simply invite neighbors or friends or colleagues, or even the parishioners in your Sunday pew, into your home. Group size is typically 4-10 people. Some people choose to meet for coffee, some offer beer and snacks, and others rotate houses for full meals. It’s your group, so the way you decide to gather is up to you.  The faith discussion is usually 60 – 90 minutes, yet that is flexible as well. It depends upon the topic and the lives of the people you include.  You may choose to meet weekly or bi-weekly or monthly…once again it’s your choice. If you need help, we are here for you.

What do we talk about in our group? 

There are so many options. An easy, ongoing idea is to look ahead at the readings for the next Sunday and discuss them ahead of time.  Another idea is to look for published resources. You will find a link to some of these at the bottom of this page. Ave Maria Press has several books designed for Small Faith Groups.  There are also general resources listed on the Adult Faith Formation Page which can stimulate conversation in a small group setting.  As a parish, we organize an annual study during Lent. Details are provided on this website. However, there is no reason to wait! Pick a resource that looks interesting, invite people over and enjoy the fellowship and growth in your journey toward discipleship.

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Small Group Resources

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