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REAL Youth Ministry: Respect ~ Engage ~ Accept ~ Live

St. Francis High School Youth Ministry (grades 9 - 12)

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REAL Youth Ministry
(Respect Engage Accept Live)
is the overall theme for our High School Youth Ministry program at St. Francis.

REAL events and meetings are open to all High School teens (grades 9-12).

Our REAL Time meetings are a place to connect life and faith, to share, support and have fun with other teens who are trying to live out God’s call in their daily lives.

Working within the guidelines of the US Catholic Conference’s Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, “Renewing the Vision”, the REAL vision encompasses a three-­fold mission:

To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

To draw them to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.

To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

We do this by building on our REAL Core Values:
Respect, Engage, Accept, Live

REAL Calendar of Events

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Get periodic text messages to notify you of upcoming REAL events. We use a service called, which is a text messaging service used by schools. All your info remains confidential and we don’t even see your phone number. Brandon Jubar

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For REAL Youth Ministry reminders and messages:
Text @sfacym to 81010
or click here to join.

For REAL Youth Ministry reminders and messages:
Text @leadcym to 81010
or click here to join.

Catholic Youth Ministry

Empowering young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today!

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We Are the Body of Christ

Youth Ministry is more than simply having fun meetings for teens. It is about integrating teens into the life, mission, and work of the community by building an environment of love, support, and appreciation for diversity.

It empowers youth to work for justice in real ways that exemplify peace and human dignity. It fosters leadership by affirming the diverse gifts, talents, and abilities of young people.

It celebrates and deepens young people’s relationship with Jesus Christ, awakening their awareness of the Spirit at work in their lives.


Keeping It REAL

The overall theme for our high school youth ministry program at St. Francis is “keeping it real.” We do this by respecting, engaging, accepting and living. These are the core values that create the framework we use to learn about and understand what it truly means to be disciples of Christ.

RESPECT is the foundation for everything that we do. We start by respecting each other. We respect our friends, our peers, our parents, all life, and all of God’s creation. If we can’t meet the challenge of showing respect, then we’ll fail the other three challenges!

ENGAGE is what we do in order to move ahead. We don’t disengage from life… we fully participate! We engage with each other and with the activities that are presented to us. We understand that the more of ourselves we put into something, the more we’ll get out!

ACCEPT is a word that’s easy to say but hard to live! We strive to accept each other as we are. We want to accept each other because of our differences, not in spite of them. We believe that God made us all unique and loves us all, so the least we can do is accept one another!

LIVE is the final challenge we give ourselves. The only way to share the Good News is to live it every day. And we choose to live the other three challenges every day as well: RESPECT, ENGAGE & ACCEPT. When we add LIVE to the other three, we end up Keeping It REAL!


Something for Everyone!

While the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) program provides the parish’s youth with a wide variety of opportunities, the Sunday evening gatherings remain the most popular. Throughout the evening, we make time for lots of fun, social interaction and relationship building, all in the spirit of coming together to support one another as a community of faith.


Here are some things we do:


REAL Time are our regular youth group meetings. They are generally fun, social gatherings that center on a theme for the night. The themes are selected by the Leadership Team and the REAL Time gatherings are planned and led by the teen members of the Team. REAL Time meetings are usually scheduled for every other Sunday.


REAL Fun events are even more focused on building friendships and community, and they include things like all night lock-ins, potlucks & dances, movie nights, game nights and even bon fires!  All of these events are a fun way for teens to make new friends and get connected with our community here at St. Francis. And quite often, the friends they make will end up being friends for life!


REAL Life events are those things that we do to help our program, our parish, and the communities in which we live.  These events include service projects, fund-raisers, and anything else that can have a real impact on the world around us.

REAL Leadership Team

The REAL Leadership Team is a group of teens and adults who have made a commitment to plan and lead the regular meetings and special events throughout the year. Team members are selected to serve for a year, beginning in September. Teens interested in participating on the Team can apply in August.

Membership on the REAL Leadership Team is for teens who feel called to take ownership for the life of their parish, school, or organization, but need help developing their skills. The team members learn foundational skills such as balancing leadership roles, understanding group dynamics, facilitating small and large groups, and how to exemplify the servant leadership that Christ calls us to. Members of the REAL Leadership Team plan and run the REAL Time gatherings and help with other special events and parties. When not running events, the team members help with ensuring that everyone who attends feels welcome and included as part of the community.

REAL Leadership Team planning meetings are generally held on the 2nd Sunday of each month and may include short training sessions. The Team completes the year with a one-day retreat and bonfire in the late Spring. All teens who successfully complete the program will be Certified by St. Francis of Assisi parish as a Peer Minister!

Workcamp 2014 Free Day!
Several teens dancing
teen girls in donut costumes

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person REAL Activities have been suspended until further notice.

REAL Time Online
Youth Group Meeting
Who: All teens grades 9 – 12
Date: Wednesday, October 21st
Time: 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Place: Zoom info sent via text*

REAL Faith Online
Living Laudato Si’ Discussion Group
Who: All registered teens
Date: Wednesday, October 28th
Time: 8:00 – 8:45 PM
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REAL Time Online
Youth Group Meeting
Who: All teens grades 9 – 12
Date: Wednesday, November 4th
Time: 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Place: Zoom info sent via text*

REAL Faith Online
Living Laudato Si’ Discussion Group
Who: All registered teens
Date: Wednesday, November 18th
Time: 8:00 – 8:45 PM
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REAL Time Online
Youth Group Meeting
Who: All teens grades 9 – 12
Date: Tuesday, November 24th
NOTE: Changed night due to Thanksgiving
Time: 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Place: Zoom info sent via text*

*For REAL Youth Ministry reminders, messages and Zoom meeting info:
Text @sfacym to 81010 or click here to join.

Stay tuned for more events, coming soon!
Or keep an eye on our full calendar @!


REAL Peer Ministry Team Online Planning:

Who: Teens & Adults on the REAL Leadership Team
Day: Generally the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 PM
Time: 60 to 90 minutes
Place: Zoom Meeting (invitation required)

Please contact Brandon Jubar (bjubar (at) if you’re interested in joining the team or if you have any questions about the REAL Leadership Team.


High School Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation for high school students is a two year program and is offered on Sunday mornings. All teens who attend Confirmation Prep are encouraged to attend other youth ministry activities as part of their preparation.

“Dear young people, please, don’t be observers of life, but get involved. Jesus did not remain an observer, but he immersed himself. Don’t be observers, but immerse yourself in the reality of life, as Jesus did.”

~ Pope Francis, July 27, 2013 Youth Prayer Vigil at Rio

St. Francis Triple-T: Teen Tech Team: High School & Adult


Wanted: Writers ~ Editors ~ Actors ~Theater Techs ~ Artists Bloggers ~ Podcasters


The Teen Tech Team at St. Francis of Assisi is a way for creative teens, young adults and adults to share the Good News through the use of video, audio, photography and other new media. The goal of the Triple-T is to minister to young people wherever they are, using the internet and mobile technology to reach them.

The team is responsible for planning the use of various ministry channels and executing against those plans. Most of the planning is completed using online collaboration tools, with periodic meetings in-person to film videos, record audio, and take photos.

The ways in which teens and young adults are communicating and connecting through technology is changing all the time but here are several channels that the Triple-T is planning to use:

  • YouTube: Scripting, filming, editing and publishing skits and short films that share the Good News in interesting & entertaining ways.
  • Pinterest: Creating positive memes, infographics, icons, avatars, wallpapers, sayings, and other shareable graphics.
  • Facebook: Share positive posts and interact with other teens on the various CYM Facebook pages and groups.
  • Flipboard: Identify good news and positive articles from around the internet to be shared in “The Good News People” magazine.
  • Twitter: Develop faith-filled twitter campaigns that share the Good News, as well as good advice, in 140 characters or less.

If you’re interested…

Does working on the Teen Tech Team sound like something you’d like to do? For more information on how to join us, please e-mail Brandon Jubar ( or call/text him at: (540) 273-0777, or better yet, subscribe to our eZine so we can send you more info.


If you’re still unsure…

Please take some time to pray about it. The Lord calls us to share are time, talents and treasure… and the Triple-T is only asking for some of the first two! If you love to write, can edit, or enjoy acting, then we need your help!

If you are a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, theater tech, or computer whiz, then we need your help! Most of the planning and preparation can be completed from your home when you have time, so the commitment is very flexible.

So again… pray about it and listen to what the Lord has to say. Is he calling you to use your time and talents on the Triple-T?


For more information on Youth Ministry, please contact Brandon Jubar below or call 540-273-0777


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