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We have compiled a list of resources, websites, and articles that provide content to further deepen your understanding of Sacred Scripture as a means to enhance your faith related to Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, and a personal growth in holiness. The goal is to offer assistance as you continue to study God’s Holy Word, and while by no means exhaustive, we hope you find these links helpful and fruitful in your journey of faith.

Approved Bible Translations for Catholics

From the US Catholic Bishops.

In addition to the translations listed, any translation of the Sacred Scriptures that has received proper ecclesiastical approval may be used by the Catholic faithful for private prayer and study.

Online Resources for Bible Study

Friarmusings. A collection of commentaries, homilies and musings from Fr. George Corrigan OFM located in posts over a 10-year period. The commentaries on the Sunday gospels can be found here, organized by the lectionary cycle of readings:

The Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz and Ascension Press

Fr. Felix Just, SJ – New Testament Resource This is a treasure trove of materials containing a variety of materials in biblical and liturgical studies – explore and be amazed! Here are just a few of the many great pages.

More Online Resources for Bible Study

Our Sunday Readings – a blog by Edrianne Ezell. She writes for Liturgy Training Publications. She holds a Master of Divinity from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology as well as a B.A. in English Literature and Studies in Religion from the University of Michigan

Tarsus – Fr. Kieran J. O’Mahony is an Augustinian friar and biblical scholar. He lives in St John’s Priory Dublin and works for Dublin Diocese as coordinator of biblical studies.

More Resources for in-depth study

One-Volume Commentaries on Scripture. All of these are available through online booksellers. For beginners and those not wanting to explore all the scholarly details

  • Collegeville Bible Commentary – This is a comprehensive yet concise Bible commentary, which continues to be a popular resource for all non-specialist Bible students who are looking for help in understanding and appreciating the Good News. It is available in various editions – hardback and soft cover
    • The Old Testament
    • The New Testament
    • The Entire Bible
  • Catholic Study Bible (Donald Senior, ed.) includes a 400 page+ Reading Guide for each book of the Bible. Give a great overview of each book.

But if you want to explore more details, learn a little bit about the underlying original languages, there are lots of options. These tend to be sold in sets with many books in each collection and are available through online book sellers. Just few of the possibilities are

  • Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture New Testament Set – authored by Catholic members of the Pontifical Bible Society. Available as a single set or by individually purchasing all 17 volumes.
  • International Bible Commentary – The IBC brings together in one volume many voices speaking from different cultural perspectives to interpret God’s Word for modern man. This commentary offers a guide to each book of the Bible as well as insights into contemporary concerns from diverse cultural perspectives.
  • New Jerome Biblical Commentary – The NJBC represents the efforts of some of the finest of Catholic scholars; however, the work is quite technical and not recommended for beginners.

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