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Questions and/or Answers

It is curious that these days we have come across questions such as: Who are you looking for? What are you talking about? What happened? Why are you scared? Why so many doubts? These questions reveal the fear, doubt and uncertainty of the disciples.

Possibly these were the questions that the first disciples asked themselves before the mysterious and wonderful event of the resurrection of the Lord. Questions that reveal answers. They are responses that reach the deepest part of the human being that is open to the experience of the Spirit. They are the answers that fill existence with meaning, that restore hope in the midst of failure, that encourage joy in the midst of sadness and that communicate vigor in the midst of weakness.

Perhaps those questions are also our questions. Questions that arise from the uncertainty of life. But the Master is there; He is illuminating with His word, sharing the bread of love and peace with us.

My dear sisters and brothers, what are your deepest questions in life? Have you found answers? Where?

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