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2021 Vacation Bible School

June 14th thru June 18th

 “God’s Great Big Beautiful World”…

…is a one week, two-hour-a-day VBS that begins with the creation story in Genesis 2 and includes Psalms, stories Jesus told, and the vision of a new heaven and earth in Revelation. This comprehensive look at the biblical story reveals God’s deep love for all of creation, including each person. Great Big Beautiful World invites children to see the ways God cares for the earth and challenges them to be part of caring and preserving the created world.

There is a morning session from 9AM-11AM or an afternoon session from 12PM-2PM – each having a maximum of 45 children in each session. Families may only attend one session.

Masks must be worn and no snack will be provided.

Payment is due upon registration and can be paid via PayPal or by credit or debit on our parish donations page –  or by check either mailed or dropped off at the Church Office or “catch all box”

Registration and Volunteer Forms

Child Registration

Download the form to register your child(ren) for this great program!

Volunteer Forms

Adult and Youth/Teen (must be at least 7th grade)

Welcome to Saint Francis of Assisi Religious Education.

We are blessed to have 800 children in our program. Please consider joining our volunteer catechists and assistants by sharing your faith and time with the children of our parish. We, at the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi, look upon religious education as a total parish experience involving not just the child, but also the parents, families, catechists, clergy and all those who form the community of faith. We believe that religious education is getting to know Jesus and learning what is expected of one who chooses to follow Him in the Catholic Tradition.

Through the light of faith we hope to develop in those entrusted to our care a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord. We strive to build up the church, fulfill the message and mission of Jesus Christ, and to love God and all of God’s creation by the inspiration and vision of Saints Francis and Clare.

First Communion

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)


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First Reconciliation

RCIA for Children

The RCIA adapted for children is instruction for children between the ages of eight and seventeen who have had little or no previous faith formation experiences. Some are not baptized; others have been baptized in another Christian faith, and are seeking complete initiation in the Catholic Church. Classes begin in the fall and the process for children’s initiation usually takes two years. Children who were baptized Catholic but have had little or no formation since baptism may receive instruction and sacramental preparation with this group. After reception of the sacrament, all children continue with instruction at their grade level. If you know of any families with children who are interested in becoming Catholic, contact the Faith Formation Office for more information or to register for classes.


Sacramental Preparation

Our sacramental preparation is considered to be a family program and is designed to take place in the midst of the community of the faithful. While teachers give religious instruction, this program involves parent participation. It includes parent enrichment meetings, retreats for the children, family activities, liturgical celebrations, and a home study component for parents and children to work together. To prepare for the sacraments of First Communion, First Reconciliation, or Confirmation, a child must be enrolled in the parish Religious Education program or attend Catholic School for the two years of preparation. The sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation are typically celebrated in May.


Special Needs

Children with special needs bring wonderful God given gifts to our parish. We are pleased to offer support to our parents of special needs children and we make every effort to provide the appropriate accommodations necessary for a special needs child. When possible the child is given one on one instruction within the classroom setting appropriate to the child’s grade level.

First Reconciliation

Reconciliation is one of the seven sacraments (signs of the presence of Jesus in our world) of the Catholic Church. This sacrament is also called Confession and Penance. We use the term Reconciliation to emphasize the positive and joyful aspects of going to Confession. We celebrate the forgiveness which reunites us with God, the church, and the community.

Parents should be involved in determining their child’s readiness to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. For First Reconciliation, we have a communal rite with individual Confession and Absolution.  It is then the parent’s responsibility to bring their children to the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated prior to the reception of First Eucharist. Instruction for this sacrament precedes instruction for First Eucharist  This is done to teach children the specific identity of this sacrament and to help them feel comfortable with it before receiving First Eucharist.


Online Books to Help You and Your Family Study

Chosen – 8th grade program

Ascension Press

Special Needs: Finding God Program

Loyola Press

For questions about Religious Education, please contact Marianne Hayes:


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    For questions about Sacramental Preparation, please contact Sheila Noble:

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